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Buy Retail, Directly From the Farmers in Your Country, Especially Those Nearby You

Support the DOMESTIC Production in Your Region
No Traders, No Intermediaries!

The Farmers in One Place.
United for Assortment, Good Prices, Fast and Efficient Regional Realization of Their Products.

Profitability and Оptimization for the Farmer, the Path to Good and Fully Traceable Food for the Retail Customer.
  •  Find farmers based on specific product, growing environment, method, quality, practices, and location. Know what you eat and where it comes from.
  • Explore farmer's stores, see the products, and the minimum order quantities. Learn details about their farm and approach. 
  • Choose, order, taste, repeat, or simply subscribe for regular deliveries. No intermediaries!
  • Visit the farms, get to know the producers, discuss. Build relationships with the people whose products you have chosen for your table.
  • It's time for a change - for you, for your family, and for all the farmers producing quality and healthy products.
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The path to good food starts with a single step.

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Find the Right Farmer

Find producers and specific goods based on a location of your choice. Discover what primary and processed products are being produced in your region, throughout the country, who produces them, when, where exactly, in what manner, as well as detailed information about them.

Find, choose, and purchase from AGRA for your home, office, occasion, event, celebration, and guests - vegetables, fruits, and all other plant-based products that meet your requirements for production process and quality, whatever they may be. Buy livestock, eggs, milk, bee products, farmer's meat and fish, farmer's cheese, farmer's sausages, farmer's jams, farmer's preserves, farmer's drinks, and many other products produced from and with the farmer's personal raw materials. Want to buy seed or nursery stock? We have everything! Buy in larger quantities than standard for a household or office, both for donations to hospitals, homes, kindergartens, social kitchens, and initiatives, as well as for disaster-stricken areas, gifts to groups of people, aid, and more. You do good by doing good, buying directly from the local producer and at a fair, good price for both sides. In this way, you save food, and by buying, you reduce the likelihood of wasting products, which happens every year for many reasons.

Find the Right Farmer

Highest Quality and Maximum Freshness!

See the harvest for this month, see the harvest planned for the next month. Buy food at its maximum freshness, directly sourced from the field and the farm. Order on green items to have them sent to you on the first available day.

See which farmers grow their produce under direct sunlight, which ones in greenhouses with soil or soilless. Identify those producing organic goods, abstaining from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, alongside those employing conventional methods. Observe which producers reproduce their products from heirlooms and which from hybrids and GMO. Find out which livestock farmers use hormones, and also those using antibiotics only when necessary, as well as those using them for growth and disease prevention. Discover those practicing regenerative agriculture and permaculture, adding a new level of nutritional value, taste, quality, and low nitrate levels, while caring for the environment and the soil during production. In today's world, if a food falls into the category of healthy ones, it doesn't necessarily mean it is.

Every farmer from your region is here to draw your attention and provide information about their farming, production principles, what sets them apart, and why you should choose them as your supplier. It's a relationship based on mutual trust, essential for both you and the producers.

Highest Quality and Maximum Freshness!

Family Experiences

See which farms offer family experiences. Go as a family, bring your children, buy directly or harvest the produce yourself. Get to know the farmers, talk about the production, learn details, interesting information, and facts. They rely on you, and you rely on them. See where and how the food you have chosen for yourself and your loved ones is grown.

Collect eggs from free-range hens, pick from the greenhouse, milk the cow, shear the sheep, put on protective beekeeping gear, and participate in honey harvesting. Assist the producer, learn something new, get inspired, start a new hobby or business. Go for tastings, take your children to a summer farm school, or a children's beekeeping seminar. Find out where to go for sports fishing.

Adopt a hive, cow, tree, chicken - receive produce from them. Go for walks, picnics, organized dinners, etc. at farms which offer initiatives. Walk barefoot, get muddy, inhale the aroma of the field under your feet, and load your car with tasty and quality products. A weekend experience you'll want to repeat.

Family Experiences

Subscription and Support

You have ordered from many producers? Found the perfect producer for you? The tastiest fruits and vegetables? See if this farm offers a subscription, receive regular deliveries, or pick up reserved products. See which farmers offer baskets with a mix of all their available products, subscribe, and reduce the weight of shopping bags from the store.

Are you going to an event or visiting someone? See which farmers have gift baskets with treats made entirely by them, call them, go nearby, and get a basket that will make your evening even sweeter in every good aspect! Be unconventional while supporting the farmer near you! We make the process of finding and supplying a true, open, and personal experience with complete information about the products and direct access to the farmer, providing the security needed in today's world, a necessity for everyone who thinks about what we eat, how it affects us, and how untraceable it is in every aspect. An experience just like quality food is an experience and enjoyment in itself.
For the children, innovators, patriots, food enthusiasts, creative ones, unconventional ones, the givers, and for those of you who simply care.

Subscription and Support

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

Finally, the opportunity to implement the concept of farm-to-table in our country! The way to sell at the best and fair price for both sides. I am a farmer; I will be selling at AGRA, but I will also source what I do not produce from my colleagues here! Thank you!
Young Farmer / Europe
Retail customer for home and office
A unique idea and project, addressing the issue of food traceability and finding quality produce, supported by comprehensive production information. Fantastic for the consumer, fantastic for the farmer, fantastic for moms, kids, and babies. This is the place from which I will source for my family, the most important food for humans - the primary.
Retail customer for home and office / Europe
Almost all beekeepers sell part or 100% of their production retail due to excessively low wholesale purchase prices. AGRA is the first and actually functional platform that provides us with a large retail market, connecting us with customers from across the country in a unique way. 
Beekeeper / South America
Retail customer for an occasion
We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our company. Thanks to AGRA, the celebration became even more special - we supported several farmers from our region by buying vegetables, fruits, four lambs, and wine directly from them! It's like shopping at the store and the butcher, but we are directly supporting the farmers, and everything was sourced from nearby farms without any hassle. The whole process is enjoyable and satisfying.
Retail customer for an occasion / Asia
We are a family that raises cows and sheeps, processing the majority of our production in our small dairy. Thanks to AGRA, we are able to reach the retail customer directly, introducing them to our quality products and providing them simultaneous access to our farm - for visits and direct on-site purchases. We also appreciate the increased interest in our delivery service, which we conduct twice a month to homes and offices in our region.
Young Farmer / South Africa